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For over a decade, THN has established itself as a leading voice in the cybersecurity industry, with a dedicated audience of over 45 million annual readers who rely on us for the latest news, insights, and solutions. Our reputation for providing timely and accurate information has made us one of the most trusted and influential names in the field.

Our readership is comprised of a diverse range of information security professionals, including chief information security officers (CISOs), chief security officers (CSOs), IT executives, CEOs, government agency executives, and service providers such as managed security service providers (MSSPs), managed service providers (MSPs), distributors, resellers, and consultants.

THN is also the most followed B2B cybersecurity news website across all major social media platforms, with a dedicated and engaged audience of professionals and enthusiasts. Our popularity in the industry is unmatched, with virtually all cybersecurity companies and influential figures following us for the latest news, insights, and solutions.

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Our readership is largely concentrated in North America and Europe, with 70% of our visitors coming from these regions.

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THN has a large and active subscriber base, with over 100,000 professionals who have signed up for our newsletter. This offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly engaged and relevant audience of cybersecurity professionals. Our newsletter subscribers are interested in staying up-to-date on the latest news, insights, and solutions in the field, and are a valuable source of leads and potential customers.

Quick Statistics

  • Readership: Over 3.8 million visits/month
  • Professionals: Over 1.8 million unique users/month
  • Daily newsletter: Over 100,000 active subscribers
  • LinkedIn page: Over 396,500 followers
  • Twitter page: Over 868,600 followers
  • Facebook page: Over 1.9 million followers

*data as of November 2022.

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Our editorial team brings a wealth of experience and expertise in cybersecurity journalism, with over a decade of coverage in the field. We use this knowledge to create engaging and informative content that not only informs and educates our readers, but also serves as a valuable resource for executives who control budgets and make strategic decisions about online security.

With a strong authority in the cybersecurity niche and a wide range of digital advertising solutions, THN is uniquely positioned to help marketers reach hundreds of thousands of new potential customers, improve visibility and increase brand awareness. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored campaign that aligns with your goals and objectives, and deliver results that drive business growth and success.

  1. Contributed Articles
  2. Newsfeed Native Article Placement
  3. Webinars
  4. Solution Spotlight Placement
  5. Display Advertising
  6. Native Content Recommendations
  7. Dedicated Email Marketing (e-Blasts)
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  9. Social Media Promotions

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