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Worksheets For Nursery

Harvey Said:

Filing Templates etc?

We Answered:

I would divide everything by topic. Such as: Animals, Dinosaurs, ect. whatever topics you have and then put them in alphabetical order. This way, when you get something else that has to do with dinosaurs you can just add it to the folder. I actually have two filing systems. One like I mentioned and then also one by month. There are certain things that I do every September that I put in my September folder. This way, I can just pull my September folder and place it on my desk to go through for that month.

Diana Said:

Does anyone have or know of any..?

We Answered:

If you go to they have a lot of stuff to print off. And I am pretty sure has stuff to print off also. But the crayola web site has a lot of cool stuff to print off. Good Luck!

Ryan Said:

how i can get worksheets for nursery?

We Answered:

I disagree with those who are saying that 3 y/o should not be doing worksheets. My daughter is 3 y/o and she was not able to attend head start this year. I have been teaching her the alphabet, numbers, and tracing. I print my worksheets from:
I have a bunch more I use, what I did I just googled "free preschool printable worksheet". My daughter is doing an awesome job on lines, zig zag, vertical, horizontal, tracing alphabets, etc. She has fun doing so. I hope this Helps.!!

Lena Said:

starting to struggle education and being a mum?

We Answered:

I work full time and study for a degree at night time and I am now in the third year of it. It was so hard to juggle at first but like everything it takes time and eventually you will get yourself into a routine. When kids first start nursery they tend to get every single illness going but after a month or two you will find that they build up a fantastic immune system and she will be well enough to go most days.

Aimee caught chicken pox, conjunctivitis and the flu all in the first month but hun, you really should persevere as it does get easier. It will be hard this week coz Ava is not well but once she is better, you will feel better and more able to cope with the workload. I wouldn't quit at the first hurdle hun, give it another few weeks/months and as long as you are determined you can do this.

And just think, in 4/5 years time, you will have a fantastic job that fits around motherhood so well and loads of money lol :D xXx

Arthur Said:

I want free printable worksheets for my child who is in nursery for homework.I would like to know about sites?

We Answered:

The following link has many links:

Christine Said:

downloads for workshhets for three year olds.?

We Answered: Fun and educational!

Remember that social and emotional skills are more important than academic skills. You don't want to teach your child the kindergarten curriculum before they start kindergarten or they will become bored. It's like learning German before you take a German class.

These are some basic skills that you child should have before starting school: hold a pencil in an orthodox way, recognize their name, write their name (upper case first letter followed by lower case), know 8 basic colors, cut with scissors, dress themselves, take care of bathroom needs. Here is a link to some more readiness skills…

I like enchanted learning because it's not only about numbers and letters, it helps children learn about their world as well as some of the skills listed above. Keep it fun! Good luck!

Loretta Said:

any creative ideas for teaching my child to write?

We Answered:

I would like to pose a new idea - Why does she need to write right now?

It is actually quite developmentally appropriate for kids at 4 NOT to be writing. There are many children that enter kindergarten not writing, yes, even not writing their names. That's ok. If she enjoys letters and words and playing letter and word games, that's wonderful! Keep that enthusiam! Get bath crayons and see what she does with them. Get sidewalk chalk now that summer is arriving. Pour sand into a cookie sheet and let her draw in that. Put shaving cream on the bathroom wall and let her draw in that. Heck, shaving cream is a great thing to help clean with, so put some on the kitchen table too!

In my experience, when children are forced to do something when they aren't interested or ready, it turns them off for a long time coming. If she is able to recognize letters and words and sounds, that is wonderful. I wouldn't push it on paper right now. Believe me, she's going to have to do a lot of writing for the rest of her life, why rush her into copying letters right now?

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