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Worksheets For Kids

Dorothy Said:

What are some websites for kids to print off worksheets?

We Answered:

Miss Cassie,
I can recommend you very much!

It is a website I often used for my granddaughters. One can even subscribe for membership (about 20dollar per year) and the effect is that you can print enlarged pictures and all parts of that website that are usually barred from use. It is phantastically various in its issues and incites children to be creative and enjoy learning by playing .(Only parents know that they are learning - the kids would love playing with material taken from that website.)

Kindest regards from a grandfather


Herman Said:

what website can i go to for worksheets for kids?

We Answered: its for kids kindergarden to 12th grade. it has all subjects worksheets and coloring pages

Alfred Said:

i need printable worksheets for kids but they have to be fun?

We Answered:

but it isn't free. I think you sign up for a years subscription for about $18 a year. Its very much worth it especially if you're a teacher. has lesson plans, activities, puzzles, tests, worksheets for every grade level from preschool to 12th grade on almost any topic you could dream up.

Type in the topic in edhelpers search and choose your grade level and all you have to do is click and print...after you pay for an annual subscription. I've been a happy member for 5 years!

Michele Said:

Where can I find worksheets to help with my kids self estem?

We Answered:

Not sure about worksheets, but try some parenting websites.

Raymond Said:

Which orphanage will need "LEARNING CURRICULUM" for kids + worksheets for those syllabus?

We Answered:

You may need to rethink the question and maybe rewrite it so there is an actual question we can help you with

Armando Said:

Where can I download or print off worksheets for kids 15+?

We Answered:

try or other teaching websites...

Clifton Said:

can anyone suggest any sites that have good worksheets for kids on the environment?

We Answered:


Lots of them out there. Define environment Its a bog subject.

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