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Worksheets For First Grade

Marcus Said:

Daughters first grade coloring assignment for coins.?

We Answered:

If you've colored in the coins correctly, a pattern will appear, spelling out a simple word- You may be over-thinking this worksheet. Without seeing the worksheet, I can't be of much help. Maybe contact one of the other parents. Good luck!

Gladys Said:

first grade french?

We Answered:

Bonjour! Comment tu t' appelles?--> Hello. What's your name?

Ecris une lettre et adresse-la á ton amie-->Write a letter and address it to your friend.

Bonjour .............. ( fill in the blank), ca va?-->Hello .............. (fill in the blank), how's it going?

Au revoir!-->Goodbye
............................ ( fill in the blank)

Wayne Said:

What is the name of the font used in elementary schools?

We Answered:

My son's teacher used Luceda and sometimes comic sans?

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