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Worksheet For Kids

Alberto Said:

I'm trying to search for a worksheet where kids have to plot points that form a picture.?

We Answered:

You didn't mention the grade level and that will make a difference.

Here is a site that has the coordinates for an ice cream sundae however, it is a 4 quadrant graph so you will have negative numbers.…
Click on Ice Cream Sundae worksheet - it opens as a pdf

Scroll down to Coordinate Graphing Worksheet

Here are a couple more.……

Morris Said:

Good horse breed website for kids with printable worksheet?

We Answered:…
This site has all about colors.…
That site has links to various breeds of horses, but not particularly a worksheet. Unless you have a color printer, the worksheet and color sheets might be a little hard.
That one has good descriptions of the breeds, but not really pictures.…
That is a pretty good one.

Good luck!!

Brandon Said:

do u know wherei could get some hanwriting worksheet for kids?

We Answered:…………

Here's some free sites to create your own.

Charlie Said:

I'm looking for a kids worksheet.It was "Take a Walk to Christmas" with text a footprints they color.?

We Answered:

Hello Nikka

Yes, I know what you mean, but I'm afraid I don't have that exactly worksheet. However, you may want to search on - the search will return a number of other fun Christmas activities that you can do with your kids. Also, there are tons of song worksheets available there - most with YouTube videos with them. Free registration is required there to see the download links.
Highly recommended!

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