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Word Family Worksheets

Violet Said:

Please help. Hello I am haveing a mjor problem anwsering theses i have used all my studies please help!?

We Answered:

If you really can't answer any of these questions you probably need to look them up yourself and learn the answers. The sites below should help- you could look up anything you don't understand.

Getting your homework done on Yahoo Answers won't help in the long-run. In fact, it won't even help in the short run, as your teacher/tutor will have much higher expectations of you then they should.

Florence Said:

My mom's is insane!!!?

We Answered:

okay, so she may not be the best mum in the world, but the most logical reason she wants you to try the work again and stand up for yourself, is because she loves you and wants you to do well in your life. She must be a independent strong character which is why she doesn't hug you. But she knows that she is only doing it for your benifit and thats why she understands. Although, this is just my guess. If the situation is worse than I think then please ignore this information. If not then take it as a guideline to your mums personality. I really, really hope this helps..!

Erik Said:

What can I do with this teacher?

We Answered:

I'm a teacher and she's giving you a chance to earn EXTRA CREDIT. It's not required work so don't do it unless you think you'll need it for your grade.

Darryl Said:

is this correct grammar??????

We Answered:

The correct verb is 'was'.
The verb refers to the subject/noun which in this
case is singular.'Were' would be used with a plural
like "The families were forced to leave the building."

Good Luck

Harold Said:

What are adjectives that describe a farm?

We Answered:

beautiful, new, old, dingy, bland, exciting, rejuvenating...

Sheila Said:

during world war one, was whiskey/bourbon a common beverage among the soldiers?

We Answered:

True story....
The NY 69th Infantry Regiment (nicknamed the fighting 69th) fought in France during WWI.
The unit was made up of mostly Irish volunteers from New York City.
After a particular fierce charge on enemy positions, were hundreds of men from the unit were killed, the 69th Battalion Commander (Bill Donovan) decided to toast there dead comrades in arms.
Unable to find a full bottle of Champange to toast with, they mixed a half a bottle Champagne and a half a bottle of Whiskey (type unknown) into a large silver serving bowl they found.
Each surviving member of the unit dipped his canteen into the bowl and offered a toast to the unit!

Edgar Said:

complex word families- need assessment material please?

We Answered:

theres a bunch of workbook in barbnes and nobles and borders

go to teh story--handwrite a copy--and if you need pics--just use clip art online--or buy a cheep clip art progrma....

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