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Luis Said:

How can I focus better on homework?

We Answered:

ADHD can be genetic. I raised a son who had ADHD as a child and now his two children have it. One has severe ADHD, the other has none of the hyperactive part but moderate ADD.
One of them was super distractable and her homework took three times as long as it should have before she started taking medication. She was older than usual when she was diagnosed because her symptoms that we could see were so mild that they were attributed to other causes.
Maybe you should consider discussing the problem with your parents and getting tested!

Peter Said:

Hi I am college student trying to be chemistry?

We Answered:

Inorganic chemistry is ALL math.
No, NaCl is NOT ammonia. Ammonia is NH3. NaCl is table salt. You can eat table salt.
You are correct that H2O is water.
H2O + NaCl = salt water
Do you know how to name molecules?
You have to use the names of the elements. The first element is usually the full name, and the second element or compound is either a specific compound name (like carbonate or sulfate), or the element root name + IDE. For example NaCl is (Na) sodium + (Cl) chlorIDE.
Naming molecules is just the very first step.
It gets harder from here!!!

Andrew Said:

Should I really give my friend a present for helping me?

We Answered:

Yes, get her a little something to show your appreciation. That took extra time and effort on her part and not a whole lot of people would have gone to that much trouble. Let her know you appreciate her effort and her friendship - she sounds like a keeper!

Mitchell Said:

Does he like me or not?!!?

We Answered:

I think he likes you. He has had a rough life like you said & he probably just uses those girls for pleasure. I know it sounds weird, but theres this guy at my school who's life is ****** up & he just messes with girls all the time. Tell him you like a guy & see his reaction, orrrr you can just ask him does he like you.

Donna Said:

Which of these guys likes me more?

We Answered:

woah all guys like you but i gotta say i think guy number 1 and 2 are btoh erfect for you but whatt your saying is who likes you more is guy number 1

Jo Said:

my math teacher is MEAN! Help?

We Answered:


If a group of you who have good reputations all feel this way, tell your parents about what is going on. Then go as a group of students to the administration and talk to them. Explain what is going on.

Then have your parents call to express their concern. That should get the attention of the administration and they should look into the problem.

If you really want to have proof of comments, try to subtly record the class.

Students aren't perfect. Classes aren't perfect. Teachers aren't either, but kids deserve to be taught and to get an education that will help them the rest of their lives.

I hope that helps!! :-)

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