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Third Grade Worksheets

Tiffany Said:

What kind of puzzle is this?

We Answered:

You might be talking about 'picross' .. it's a puzzle in a grid, and there are numbers that tell you how many blocks to fill in. Is this what you meant?

Brittany Said:

help I need to print out a worksheet?

We Answered:

call one of her classmates

Jessie Said:

I'm scared my students are going to fail third-grade because of me...?

We Answered:… If this is the program your school has adopted, it appears you should be receiving training or some leadership to implement this program. You should speak to an administrator, curriculum director or the people in your school responsible for choosing this program. They should be giving you support. If children are given twenty minutes to read on their own, the outcome is usually one in which they start loving to read and will even ask when they are going to get to do that. With the concern you are showing, it is doubtful that your students will not be prepared because you sound determined to do something about it. Follow the program as much as you can and then use your own judgment about what works and do that as much as possible.

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