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Jay Said:

Creepy teacher? Or am I being paranoid?

We Answered:


Caroline Said:

ADHD. How do i get my mom to believe me?

We Answered:

I know plenty of people that feel the way your mother does. If she has it in her head that ADHD is not real, then there is little you can do to change that (and likely you will need her permission to get insurance to cover medication costs). Don't push the subject, just take it into your own hands. There are ways to clear your head and you have to be proactive about it. Don't complain about your problem, just make notes to yourself about how you can improve. Online, you can buy adderall without a prescription( either use COD or buy it using a VISA gift card which is widely available in banks and malls). This will be pricey, but well worth it- its about your future career, not making your mom happy! think about whats more important in the long run. I thin kyou're a bright person, just be honest with yourself and you will succeed.

Sam Said:

hello anyone, can you help to fix for me. thank a lot.?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what your question is, but I am an American Sign Language interpreter and it seems you are on the right track to learning ASL by doing all those activities. Like learning any new language, you have to be fully integrated into the culture to grasp it's full context. Go to tons of Deaf group activities, in STL we have Greater St. Louis Association for the Deaf that holds functions each week. Attend these, practice your vocabulary, and check out websites. Study groups are always great as well-you need support! Hope this helps!

Don Said:

ideas for 3rd grade file folder games?

We Answered:

Make your own game boards based on what you're studying in class (addition game, vocabulary, etc.), then group up to play them. It's a good way to check for a good grasp on the specific content and they'll get to work together.

Gary Said:

Rude and obnoxious older sister?

We Answered:

Do you know what asperger's is? It is a serious condition, it's mental retardation, look it up on wikipedia. Children with asperger's are diagnosed very early on. I'm sorry that she always wanted to be the teacher, but that's just how older kids are. Everyone I know including me has played school that way. You're fourteen, it's time to forget about that. Believe me it's unhealthy to dwell on small things like that. And the nose thing isn't rude, maybe she has allergies, who knows? I have allergies and I do that all the time. And it's pretty typical of teenagers to be rude to their parents, she'll learn later on, trust me. Older siblings will annoy their younger siblings. It's a fact of life and you can't do anything about it except for ignore it. I have a very rude step dad, he's much worse than your sister, and for years he'd irritate me daily to the point where I'd snap. I learned to ignore him, it's the best thing to do. Just ignore your sister and maybe she'll stop annoying you.

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