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Spanish Worksheets For Kids

Jessica Said:

I got in trouble at school for a llittle reason!?

We Answered:

The teacher was probably cursing at the kid behind you anyway, there's no way any of you would have known.
Find a friend with super good forging handwriting and have him/her sign for you. C'mon, everyone has done it and it's not as if you'll end up a failure for forging ONE signature. I'm sure you'll still end up graduating high school and college. : )
New schools are tough and being a teenager can be a pain- sometimes it's okay to not want to bring parents into it. Just don't make it a habit!

Eileen Said:

6+ hours of homework in 7TH GRADE!!?

We Answered:

Hold tight, your are in a dangerous situation. Of course that is way too much homework, it's insane and so is the emotional abuse the teachers are dishing out at your school. Get somebody - a psychiatrist, pastor, priest, somebody to connect with your parents to get you out of that whole situation.

We had so many similar things happen to our kids until finally we had no reasonable choice and we took them out and home schooled them for years. I'm pretty good at what I do, but in schools, parents don't win. The teachers get the ugly upper hand because they have the students alone without adult representation and they can destroy a child.

Our children kept getting sick because they didn't get enough sleep at the time they need it most, during the teen and growing years, and this emotional battering also created dysfunctional and cruel adults. You are in a never -win situation and nothing your parents can do can help you while your are at the mercy of these ignorant abusive teachers and staff. I wasn't listening well enough to one of my daughters until she just came home one day and said she wasn't going back to her nightmare school, no matter what.

By that time, I had come to realize that I'd never get anything positive accomplished for the children, even one of the asst principals had said as much to me, and not in an unkind way either. YOur parents are paying way too much for a private school that is going to destroy your health, your self image,a nd not educate you. I wish you well with all my heart.

Carla Said:

so theres this guy who sits behind me?

We Answered:

yup. he's comfortable around you. thats a good starting point to a relationship

Lillie Said:

I need help??? Ideas for teaching??? Spanish Alphabet?

We Answered:

You can put it in a funny song like for the vowels
" A, E, I , O, U, me burro sade masce tu" which is funny and teaches them how to say the vowels. That is how I would start.

Clarence Said:

Tips for getting better grades in school.?

We Answered:

First of all calm down. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. You'll be ok. Take notes in class. Even if you never look at them again they will help. Your brain remembers things better if you write them down. When you study make note cards, carry them everywhere with you and look at them. For the homework, start with one subject and move on from there. You can only do one thing at a time. Breathe and relax. Take a short break every 45 mins or so when studying. Try not to think about everything that needs to be done, just the task at hand. It might also help to make a list of homework that needs to be done that night. Start at the top and work your way down, marking tasks off as you go. But, the biggest think you can do is to not get so stressed about it. Put it all in perspective. You're ok. If you learn to do this you will be a great success in your remaining high school years, college, and live in general. Good luck to you! I hope this helped.

Veronica Said:

Letting people copy and cheat off of you?

We Answered:

do you think that letting her cheat is helping her? sometimes people will not like you if you do what is right , but you just gotta do it!

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