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Social Studies Worksheets

Derrick Said:

Who was the hero in Athena's myth? Please help me! This is for a social studies worksheet thats due tomorrow!!

We Answered:

Athena (and Hermes) took a personal interest in Perseus, giving him a gift of a mirrored shield which enabled him to kill Medusa without being petrified. In return, he gave her the head, after using it on his wanna-be father-in-law, who was harrassing his mother.

Athena also helped Odysseus all the way through the Odyssey, giving advice, disguising him, making plans, and helping him kill his wife's harrasers.

The patron hero of her patron city was Theseus, so they probably had a relationship, too.

Miguel Said:

Social Studies Questions...........?

We Answered:

I agree, use wikipedia:
1.) democracy is the rule of certiain people, elected by a majority vote of an area's citizens, for a certain period of time, under laws, checks and balances. All ruling officials are subject to change through laws and elections.
2.)Monarchy is the rule of a King, Queen, Emperor, or other form of hereditary leader. Absolute monarchy means that the parliament has no real power over the king, or there isn't an elected parliament or House of Lords at all. Constitutional Monarchy is like what England, Canada, and Australia have, with the king, queen, or whatever ruling in name only, with no real power except as a symbol. The parliament rules the country.
3.) Theocracy is the rule of a religion over a country, with the priests in charge. The best example of this is Iran. Laws come directly from the religious holy books. No one can talk back to the government without attacking the religious leaders, so it is even worse than communism. Everyone will rat you out if you have a different opinion, or wish to complain, or want any kind of change.
4.) An advantage of democracy is that decisions are better accepted and supported by the people. Another is the freedom for independent thought and development allowing new ideas and technology to progress faster.
A disadvantage is the lack of leadership stability. Leaders are preoccupied with getting re-elected, and will usually do whatever is popular, instead of necessarily whatever is right. Look at Barak Obama, when he is talking about Iraq.
An advantage of Absolute Monarchy is the king can do whatever he wants, which is also a disadvantage.
An advantage of Coonstitutional Monarchy is that the official leadre of a state is stable, and has very limited powere, if at all. It resembles all the advantages of a democracy, while at the same time, has a well-respected official leader, like Queen Elizabeth II. Disadvanvages are the same as a democracy.
6.)Advantages of a Theocracy are similar to Absolute monarchy. The religious leaders can do whatever they want, while dissenters(people who don't agree with you) are ruthlessly suppressed by everyone in the general populace.
Disadvantages include a very unhappy, repressed population, lack of individual rights, not being able to have much fun doing anything, and always having to look over your shoulder to see who might be ratting you out.

Dwight Said:

Gr 7 Social Studies Question! HELP ME!?

We Answered:

Thanks for answering my question…

It could symbolize maybe that Canada considers art very imporant. Basically, it might symbolize the importance of The Arts to Canadian society.

hope this helps!!

Dwayne Said:

where are some good web sites for social studies worksheet?(printible)?

We Answered:

Try Teachnology at:…

The Worksheet Generator at is also pretty nifty:…

And if that's not enough, here are a couple more:……

Gladys Said:

How do I solve this social studies maze?

We Answered:

start from the FINISH point and work your way to the START point

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