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Social Skills Worksheets

Heidi Said:

Social skill games for children?

We Answered:

iv had ADD my hole life. and now i am helping kids that are in sld programs at school. anything thats hands on will work with kids in sld programs. I do not recomend a lot of paperwork or coloring. take them outside on a nature walk. or play heads up seven up.

Daniel Said:

5-year-old and Summer School?

We Answered:

i think you should pull her out.
your daughter might become more shy or quiet because of what happened in her summer school.
and i think that summer school will be useless for her.

why not find other alternatives? like dance class or sports?
she might also develop sportsmanship and teamwork in sports, and grace and poise in dance.

Jacob Said:

What should I do about this?

We Answered:

I know at your age, you want to be a part of everything, be in cool with everyone....basically, be liked. be popular. I know this dont help you too much, but, let me just tell you, a few years from now, you are going to realize, that is not very important at all. When you get a little older, it's gonna hit you, that all of that starts to really sink way down on your list of priorities.

And what's so wrong with a quite stream??? :) Sounds NICE to me. And what's so great about being a "joiner". To me, that sounds like a follower.

I have a feeling we may have been somewhat similar in when I was your age in school. I too, was a pretty quiet guy in school. I was shy. And it was hard for me to break through that shyness. I really wanted to be the "raging ocean", but, outside of my small group of friends, especially in a school setting, I was a "quite stream".

You have to learn to accept who you are. And at the same time, challenge yourself to do things that put in group situations from time to time. Challenge yourself to join an after school, sport, whatever. Just something to put you in a social situation.

To you, it feels like a much bigger deal than it actually is. Most dont notice, most don't care if you are an ocean or a stream. :) Dont let this get you down or paranoid. You will find out a soon enough, a quiet stream is a GREAT thing. :)

Jennifer Said:

Is there any way out?

We Answered:

Step 1) Don't blame everything on your depression, turn yourself into a go-getter and start working to turn yourself around. You say you want to go on welfare, but when people just accept handouts they start getting used to it and dependent upon them, so they rarely pull themselves out and get off of welfare.

You sound like you want to turn your life around and turn yourself into something. Why don't you have a car? You need a car to succeed at all in this world, especially if you're out in the boonies. Once you have a car you can get a job in your area and still live at your grandma's and put your entire paycheck in the bank.

It's funny... many people don't like working because of the time constraints and everything... but in my experience it really makes people feel productive and meaningful, and it may help you feel better emotionally too.

So get a car, get a job, save up money, find a place you like better once you can afford it, get a job there, bingo!

Everett Said:

What to do about this situation?

We Answered:

You are right to be frustrated. I would be, too. When this happens at Preschool, we have other teachers to talk to about it and vent our frustration. You are correct in thinking that you can't get anywhere with her because of the home situation. As teachers, we can only work with what they (the families) bring to us. If it all gets undone at home, we are limited as to how far we can get with the child during the day when they are in our care.

If I were you, I would tell the Mother that I am unable to care for her daughter when fall comes. Tell her that she will have to find a preschool/daycare for her. Or, you could say that you can only do half days, and she will have to be in preschool for half the day.

The Mother knows she has excellent care for her child, that's why she is "lazy" in her parenting. She wants you to do it. You were right to bring up the topic several times, but now nothing is happening. You are being forced to decide what is best for you, and if you can best help the child by refusing to continue to care for her. You need to recognize your own feelings in the situation, too. If you are feeling frustrated now, how are you going to feel come next January? It will be a long year until she gets to kindergarten.

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