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Seventh Grade Math Worksheets

Eileen Said:

OK could someone answer this so they can email me some seventh grade science worksheets?

We Answered:

Try some on-line games and activities at Sheppard Software.
You can practice geography, history, science, health, etc, etc., etc. Great site. We used it a lot this year.

Jay Said:

Back to school.... binder organizing?

We Answered:

Well, first piece of advise is wait until the first day of school, and see what each teacher recommends. Lots of little binders means having to stop at your locker a lot of times, and at our school students are only allowed in lockers at certain times of the day. I have always been a fan of one big binder with separate folders (with holes) for each subject in it. But you should probably just find a system that works, and be willing to change in the first few weeks if your plan is too complicated. ] I hope my eighth grade students are putting as much thought into organization as you are!
Have a great year!

Samantha Said:

I teach seventh grade math. Was it bad for me to make a kid wet his pants?

We Answered:

It would have been bad if it had actually happened. But since it didn't, it's just a bad case of...trolling.

Anthony Said:

Please Help?

We Answered:

Sounds like you know it was stupid. Just try to make them realize by living your life and showing them that you are not the type of person who would do that. This time will pass the important thing is that you learned not to say stupid stuff, and that things are harder to fix afterwards. Next year, they will have forgotten, and this is a chance to learn from your mistakes. If they ask you about tell them the truth, tell them what you told us, they should be mature enough to handle it.

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