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Second Grade Worksheets

Debra Said:

Do You Teach Kindergarden, first or second grade?

We Answered:

I have taught both K, first and second grade. I been teaching for 9 years. I am currently teaching 1st grade so I'll answer based on where I am this year.

Math topics covered in this grade level:
*Addition and subtraction to 10.
*Time to the half hour
*Numbers to 100

Technique for teaching math: I use Saxon math so it is pretty scripted.

Tools used to teach math concepts: Hands on

Which of the following do you use to teach math (check all that apply):
x Blackboard, x timed quizzes, x computer tutorials, x computer games,x prizes for best paper, x competition between students- (individual or group), 'power point' type lectures, x worksheets, video tutorials, x in class games, or something else.

What kind of toold or technilogy is readily available for your students to use? (check all that apply) x educational toys, x hand held games, x computer tutorials, x workbooks, x computer games, other.

What problems should I expect to find if I teach this grade level?: The same problems you will have in most primary grades. Some come to first more prepared than others. Some are emotionally much more mature while others are still very clingy and unsure of themselves.

What discipline techniques do you find works?: Every student is responsible for their own behavior. We use a rebus sheet that they take home at the end of the day. It is very specific about what rules they broke and how they felt their day went.

Other comments, suggestion?

Howard Said:

Second grade math?

We Answered:

It's where you break up the problem to understand it better.
So thought is what do you think the problem is about?'
Information is what is the important info from the problem
Process is what you will do to solve, and do the work to solve the problem
Solution is what the answer is in a sentence form probably.

Joanne Said:

Where can I find worksheets on second grade level dealing with the plot of a story?

We Answered:

this site may have what you are looking for ... good luck :)

Jay Said:

What sites can I use to get free worksheets to teach my second grader Spanish?

We Answered: and Paso e Paso are pretty good sites that i have used. since she is going to learn at such an early age you might want to just start her on memorizing everyday words, from a spanish dictionary.

Nathaniel Said:

What do you learn in 1st and 2nd grade science??

We Answered:

Amazing Animal Senses - let your students compare animal senses to human senses
Christmas Bear and his Five Senses - [this link opens in a new window] Students teach Christmas Bear how to use his five senses to learn about his surroundings. (Author - Sandi King)
Five Senses - A very complete online unit plan (bilingual - Spanish) that integrates all subject areas based around learning the 5 senses.
Five Senses and Four Seasons Quilt - Students will help make a Five Senses and Four Seasons quilt and cinquain poem.
Learning to Look - five activities in one, introducing students to sensory investigation
Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World - reading level is too high for your students, but this site is packed full of great information for their teacher
Stick Out Your Tongue and Say Aah - full of good information to help a teacher plan a unit
Teaching Children About the Five Senses - from Nibbles ... Ideas for Families presented by University of Illinois Extension
The Senses - experiments and activities for kindergarten and above
Touching - presented by The Franklin Institute

Collect information about organisms that occupy specific environments.
Critter Craze - [this link opens on a new page] This lesson introduces the concepts of basic needs, grouping, and habitats. (Author - Laurie Ayers)
Match Animals to their Habitat - [this link opens on a new page] select one of the twelve habitats at Animal Universe and choose animals that live in that habitat (select Maybe Later on the registration screen)
Snuffy's Safari (Sesame Street) - [this link opens on a new page] travel to one of three environments and search for animals that live there using Sunffy's binoculars.
Squish the Fish - [Reading skills required] Help Squish travel out across the reef to find his lunch. He needs to find friends who will help him hide from his nemesis, Big Tooth Blob. Learn about shape, color, and behavioral adaptations for survival.

Provide examples of pollutants in a specific environment.
1.2.4 How bad is the air you breathe? Learn how the air becomes dirty. (a quiz is included)
Learn about pesticides. Are they good? What are they used for? (a quiz is included)
Take a test about how you use water! Twenty five questions that will help you be a better user of water.
What is a hazardous waste? How does garbage effect you? (a quiz is included)

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