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Second Grade Math Worksheets

Peggy Said:

any good web sites to help my son in school?

We Answered:

I know you want an online resource, but as a homeschooler, I taught math to my children through practical exercises. We baked, did groceries together, calculated distances, we played card games and tallied scores, Math is everywhere, and online resources and worksheets can help to review lessons, but they are abstract. Practical learning will be what they remember best.

My guys are excellent at math, they pick up new concepts easily now that the basics are instilled in their minds. It wasn't something I forced, it was something we had fun with.

Mad Minutes is a good site, you can create practice sheets for all ages.

Mathew Said:

My little brother is too slow at math, HELP!?

We Answered:

Children work slowly for two reasons. Either they are taking longer to figure out the problem, or they lack confidence.

The best thing you can do is go talk to your brother's teacher. You may think, I'm just his brother, but all second grade teachers are nice so it shouldn't be a problem. Ask her for ideas.

You can also use your brother's interests. If he likes dinosaurs or cars, incorporate that. Try to make it fun in ways that are fun to him. Different kids learn different ways. Chances are if you find something your brother likes to do, he will speed up.

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