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Science Worksheets For Kids

Billie Said:

High School Physical Science. Help please!?

We Answered:

1. Nonpolar
2. Polar
3. solute, temperature
4. electrolyte
5. insoluble ion
6. higher
7. Nature of solute and solvent determines solubility: Polar (+end and -end) substances will dissolve other polar substances as well as ionic substances (ionics have + and - ions). Non polar (symmetrical molecules) will only dissolve in other nonpolar substances. Ionic or polar will not dissolve nonpolar.
8. Nonpolar solvents are flammable, volatile, and toxic.
9. Supersaturated solution: In this solution, there is more solute dissolved than should be allowed to dissolve. If you add more solute, all of the excess solute will come out of the solution.
10. Dissolving a solute in water lowers its freezing point. Ionic substances like salt lower the freezing point more than covalents due to dissociation of ions.
11. Dissolving a solute in water raises its boiling point. Ionic substances like salt raise the boiling point of water so you can raise the heat of water without boiling it and also cook the pasta at the same time.

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