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Science Worksheets For 2nd Grade

Rita Said:

EASY 10 points!!!! science homework (9th grade)?

We Answered:

a=f/m is not the correct equation for this problem. Hint: the correct equation has a change in velocity instead of f and time instead of m.

Reginald Said:

Easy 10 points!!! only 9th grade science homework?

We Answered:

How would you use that equation when you don't know the mass of the skateboard or the train?

Assuming a constant acceleration then
a = change in velocity/change in time
a = 5/2.5 = 2 m/s/s; for the skateboard

for the train, also assume a constant deceleration:

a = delta V / delta t
a = (9.6-12)/0.8 = -2.4/0.8 = -24/8 = -3.0 m/s/s
it's negative because the train is slowing down

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