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School Math Worksheets

Kent Said:

i just got 7 math worksheets to do who else is mad about school starting?

We Answered:

Im so pissed that school is coming up i dont wanna go, but does anyone!

Marion Said:

site with math worksheets?

We Answered:

Check out the assessment test for your state and any other state you can find info for.

Here is a link to the assessments given in Texas. On this site, you will find those released in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Scroll down till you find "exit test" or "re-test" and you will find lots of practice there. You can access the answers to check your work with.

Hope this helps. I am glad to see a student with the desire to keep up the skills gained during the school year.

Anne Said:

Where can i find free math worksheets?like for every math subject in elementary school?

We Answered:


EdHelper is good, but they also charge a subscription free of $20.

Try . They've got lots of free worksheets there. All grade levels.

Also try:
There's lots of word problems, multiplication, and other math stuff. Mostly at a an upper-elementary (3rd - 5th grade) level.

Good luck.

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