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Reading Worksheets For Kindergarten

Alan Said:

Too much homework for a kindergarten?

We Answered:

Kindergartners should not be getting homework, period.

If you think this is bad, imagine how much they'll pile on the homework as she progresses through school. We know 11 year olds who stay up until midnight doing homework, and our local high school (a "superior" school had seven suicide attempts due to stress. Four were successful.

And that's one of many reasons we homeschool.

Bernice Said:

Sonlight or Lifepacs?

We Answered:

We have used Sonlight for 4 years and absolutely love it. We are not a religious family, so we drop many of the missionary stories and bible work. However, even omitting those books leaves us with plenty of great reading selections. Once you get to the higher levels, they match historical fiction with biographies and other "actual" history books and it is a knock out combination. I do not use their other guides (i.e. literature and science). I did use their science for two years, but the heavy Christian overtones in that subject were too much for me, so we dropped it.

I would highly recommend it. You can find it used if you search the Internet. Sonlight used to have free messages boards where you could buy and sell used curriculum but they are no longer free.

Good luck making your decision !

Hazel Said:

I can't tell if I have AvPD?

We Answered:

I am not a psychologist, but this sounds like you have AvPD. Shyness is normal; however, dreading social interaction and the fact your shyness is affecting your actions and lifestyle indicates that your shyness is more than normal. Your symptoms do match those of AvPD.
Please do not be deterred by your parents' denial that anything is wrong; this seems to be a typical parental reaction. OCD and AvPD will not go away on their own, so if you want to be "normal" again, you will need help. If your parents refuse, you can talk to a nurse or counselor, etc.
Good luck.

Chester Said:

preparing for kindergarten?

We Answered:

Worksheets are not really appropriate at her age. It sounds like she is very well prepared. Make it a fun and active summer. Visit the library for story hour. Visit a children's museum. Go for walks and talk about what you see. Plant a little garden together and talk about what's growing and what it needs to thrive. If it's raining out, make play dough and play with it together. Paint a picture. (Always encourage her to write her name on her work of course!) She will be fine, and you need to really treasure this fun time together, because she will be grown and gone before you know it!

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