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Reading Worksheets For 1st Grade

Leo Said:

What do they teach in elementary school?

We Answered:

If you want a basic overview of the types of things typically taught in the United States in elementary school, try World Book Encyclopedia's website ( ). Under "typical course of study" which is usually listed under "parent resources", they list the topics generally studied for each grade level. It is a useful list as it does go into detail. Obviously, this list will be of limited use if you are not in the United States, but it is a place to begin.

A school that only covers math, English and science in the 4th grade sounds unusual--unless the students are mostly struggling and need to spend more time on the basics.

The school may be trying to cover several topics together. For example, in English, they may read materials that help them learn history, geography and science. In math, they may also learn some basic science.

But if your child is bored, it sounds like she needs more. Homeschooling is definitely one way to help keep her from being bored, since you can gear the lessons to her level and help her learn at her own pace.
In the meantime, finding materials that she can read (or that you can read to her) on more advanced topics can also help a lot. Or help her get started on doing a research topic of her own--she can choose a topic to research further (a country, a period in history, a scientific discovery, or anything else that she'd be interested in learning more about) and put together a report or a poster or a presentation or a project of some kind showing what she's learned.

It sounds like you've moved from Malaysia to some other country. I know that when I went from one country to another as a child, the standards were very different. What I learned overseas was much advanced in comparison to what I learned in the United States. So, I can understand her boredom. It sounds like you are doing the right thing in looking for more lessons for her. I found the library to be the best help to me in getting past that boredom when I was her age.

In my experience, 4th graders are generally learning English (or their own language)--including spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar; mathematics; science; history and geography. Beyond that they may be studying another language, art, music, physical education or some sort of sport or activity, perhaps even an introduction to home economics or shop (industrial arts such as woodworking).

Daniel Said:

grade 1 help?

We Answered:

Try this website. It costs money, but there are some free downloads. &

Also try:……

These are good places to start.

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