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Reading Worksheets 3rd Grade

Antonio Said:

Elementary school teachers (or parents) what's a great book to do as a read-aloud with 3rd graders?

We Answered:

Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson is a great read-aloud with a wonderful message to do as a read-aloud. For a follow up activity, the students could write their own recipe for an enemy pie or write a story about their own best friend.

Dorothy Said:

tutor help!?

We Answered:

3rd grade websites:
This website contains topics for math……

Guy Said:

How much homework do you have after the first day of school?

We Answered:

No, I didn't get any hw, but I did get a lot of those papers where you have to sign them, and return them tomorrow. I think that I will probably get hw in a couple of days, since today was my first day of school.

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