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Reading Worksheets 2nd Grade

Cynthia Said:

7th grade percentages homework! Need help, please?

We Answered:

Find the sale price of each item:
Here's how to solve these.
(Actual price / 100%) x (100% - x% off)
Ex) $55 sport bag, 20% off
($55/100%) x (100% - 20%)
($55/100%) x (80%)
= $44

Find the Percent of the discount:
Here's how to solve these.
(Discount/Regular price) x 100%
Ex)Regular price: $79.99. Discount: $10
($10/$79.99) x 100%
= 12.5%

Find the amount of the discount and the sale price of each item:
Here's how to solve these.
(Sale price/ 100%) x (x% off)
Ex) $240 grill, 25% off
($240/100%) x 25%
= $60

Find the sales tax or the discount to the nearest cent:
Here's how to solve these.
(Actual Price/100%) x tax%
Ex) $22.95 jeans, 7% tax
($22.95/100%) x 7%
= $1.61

I hope you'll do well at solving the remaining problems.

Lauren Said:

Struggling with teacher?

We Answered:

Talk with the principal immediately. It is completely ridiculous that your child should be left to suffer for the sake of the lowest common denominator. Fight on behalf of your child.

Leonard Said:

I need activities and ideas to teach money...? 2nd grade?

We Answered:

I think it would be a lot of fun to get a little play cash register and play store, teaching them how to spend the money after they learn the values of each and also allowing someone to be the sales person who takes the payments for the things they buy and gives them proper change back, etc. Of course in order to do this you will need to do the preliminaries you have already planned in teaching them how to count up to $1.00 first and then have a little play store where nothing costs over $1.00 to simplify for them. I know when I was little, my mother was always involved with rummage sales doing fundraisers and such and I learned a lot about those things by being there too and helping out. She assisted me as she let me take their money and then worked with me patiently until I learned how to count back their change correctly. I had a great deal of fun doing all of this and it was quite the educational experience in many ways. They might end up having a little fun learning and that would perhaps make them hungry for more and of course it would all be because of you and your wonderful way of making it fun for them to learn. It is a lot less intimidating in a way like that when you feel your true weakness in any certain area. Playing like that might take some of the stress out of having trouble understanding for those who are challenged like those you teach. But you probably already know that! I give you kudos for choosing to teach special education! I am the proud parent of a challenged daughter and I do speak with some knowledge in the area since she comes home with all of her questions to her mother for a better explanation when she didn't get it at school the way she wanted to. A teacher who is concerned with the children the way I know you are should be paid top dollar and in high demand all over the place. You are worth your weight in pure gold, my dear.

Benjamin Said:

Should I skip school?? or take some humiliation and bad grade?

We Answered:

Well Mr. Minokat,
Here it is and not sugar coated. Someday you may or may not want to go to college and god forbid if you get humiliated in front of this girl who im sure dosen't care whether or not you graduate are even get out of school. And i am sure you have had more than enough time to get your work done or perhaps you were kickin back playing the x box while hundreds of other students out here are busting their behinds to make it. Heres some tips for you, so take it anyway you choose.

(Tip) Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop trying to act so cool and start attending school and doing your work like everyone else.

(Tip) Someday your friends will move on. Don't get left behind.

(Tip) If you really want to be cool and impress the ladies, graduate from college get a 5 to 6 figure income and not only impress the ladies but your old teachers as well. (The girls get better looking the older they get)

There it is Mr. Minokat and not sugar coated.

Good Luck.

Ashley Said:

My son is in 1st grade. I am concerned because he isn't doing well in class...?

We Answered:

That is a horrible way to teach! No first grader should be able to sit for that long. I can't even sit that long! Also, your son is supposed to be very busy. I'd be more concerned if he wasn't. ADHD is overdiagnosed. I would consider looking into a different teacher or school for you son.

Glen Said:

I'm pretty sure my schedule for 9th Grade is going to be hard... What do you think?

We Answered:

That looks like any easy schedule to me. Some teachers say you'll have a lot of homework, but that will likely change. And an hour a day for one subject isn't that bad. Spanish 1 should be easy, I took it in middle school, so I don't remember that much about it. I'm actually really good in Spanish, so you probably need a second opinion. Math analysis (called the same thing at my school) is a little difficult, but is easier than Algebra 2 and makes some of the things you studied in Alg. 2 make more sense. PE worksheets are a joke. Jazz ensemble should be fun. Some of my friends who are in orchestra say it can be a lot of work around national competition time (staying after school to practice for 3-4 hours), but your teacher might not be as anal as the orchestra director at my school. Freshmen year classes aren't that hard. It's not like you're taking AP classes, so you should be fine.

Why no social studies class? It's my favorite area of study.

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