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Reading Comprehension Activities

Evelyn Said:

Elementary teachers or tutors, I need reading activities.?

We Answered:

Hi! I teach 2nd graders, and I have several students who sound similar. Their decoding skills are so strong that their understanding hasn't quite caught up! When I ask one student questions, he answers random, off-the-wall answers that didn't come from the text. I ask him to go back and find the answer. It helps for him. You might try asking your tutee questions before she reads so she has something to focus on while she reads.

As for specific activities, some of my students really enjoy using sticky notes. I ask them to write any connections they make to their own lives; make predictions; identify the beginning, middle, and end; or whatever else we might be working on.

Hope this is helpful!

Darren Said:

how can i do better on my listening and reading comprehension tests for spanish 2?

We Answered:

I recommend learning software, it helps a ton. I actually started a blog today on how I learned spanish and what programs worked. Please check out my blog:

Paula Said:

the word "comprehension"?

We Answered:

Well in this context it means the number of interpretations that can be deduced from listening to something. So this is correct usage.

Jimmie Said:

What is a quick comprehension activity to accompany a reading challenge?

We Answered:

Here's how I did it. I went to my local library and borrowed about 40 books, a nice variety of fiction and nonfiction, some more difficult than others. I placed all the books on a table in the front of my classroom, and stood them up so the students could see the covers. I then drew names out of a hat (to be fair), and as I called a name, that person would come up to choose a book. To evaluate my students, I had them write a brief summary of what they read each day. Here's the trick: All the books on that table I had read before! I even told my students that I would know if they weren't reading because I knew what each book was about. When it came to evaluation time and I read their summaries, I can tell you that all my students really gave it a good try.

Caroline Said:

Please suggest a name for a program that I am running for English Reading Comprehension?

We Answered:


Tina Said:

*-*Hypothetical student w/ LD in reading & lang arts*-*?

We Answered:

Many of the children I teach have specific learning disabilities, some of which manifest in an inability to process what they read. These students require additional time to complete tasks and to have assignments broken down into smaller segments, in addition to other accommodations.

Other students I teach have ADD or ADHD. While these students have higher than average intelligence, their difficulty in focusing on their reading and organizing their work can interfere with their progress. Providing simple procedures to help them with organization, offering alternative assessments (oral responses vs. written) and supporting their efforts to monitor their attempts to be organized and focused are just a few of the ways I scaffold their learning.

SLD students typically take much longer than other students to complete their work and become frustrated by this. This leads to disruptive behavior if appropriate accommodations are not made.

Boys with add/adhd are typically a distraction to themselves and others. This can lead to a breakdown in the educational process for the entire class if left unchecked. Girls with add/adhd tend to shut down, withdraw, and daydream. While not a distraction to others, they have to be closely monitored so that they don't spend long blocks of time off task, which results in unfinished work, lack of success, etc.

In some educational settings, students labeled SLD or ADD/ADHD become outcasts or victims. This can lead to lowered self-esteem and greater feelings of frustration. However, my personal experience has shown me that when the majority of students have learning deficits, including SLD or ADD/ADHD, the stigma is lessened - as is the frustration and low self-esteem.

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