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Printable Worksheets For Kindergarten

Regina Said:

Anyone know any educational websites for Preschoolers that can help them prepare for Kindergarten?

We Answered:

Some links may be duplicated and for that I'm sorry..!!!

Preschool and Kindergarten Links…………………………

Pre-School Themes & Activities

Welcome to Pre-School Themes & Activities...there are lots of wonderful crafts & activities, story ideas to read aloud, songs/fingerplays/nursery rhymes, and recipe ideas! Click on a theme category or one of our great activity ideas below.....and have fun!! Pages are updated regularly - so check back soon for more great ideas!…

Stories for Children…


Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Colouring Links & Fun Stuff.…………

Printable Work Sheets.…………

Free Blank Outline Maps of the Countries and Continents of the World…


Good luck for the future.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.

Esther Said:

Websites with kindergarten printables?

We Answered:

George Said:

Need websites for tutoring.?

We Answered:


Manuel Said:

School ages: At what age do children start school? and preschooling at home help?

We Answered:

Kindergarten starts at the age of 5.

A small children that age loves manipulating objects, the more they can touch and see how an object work, the more they would want to learn.

Flash card is a good start, though I would mix it counting as well as abc. Always start small and work your way up. A good way would be to show him that he can find those things that he learnt everywhere. It makes it more applicable and fun as well as easy to remember.

My son used to love these games:
How many triangle can you find in this store?
I can find a blue square somewhere in this house, can you?
Can you hop on the rectangular walkway, and sing on the triangular ones?
What do you think happen if you mix red and yellow together? (I would usually get food coloring and drop a couple in two different cup and let him mix them, you could always use finger paint)

I would also do counting with colored cereal or cherio, makes it fun and he gets to eat them too.

The best thing about doing preschooling at home is that you can adjust it to your child need and interest. My son loves his legos and trains, so most of our lessons involves those things.

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