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Physical Science Worksheets

Melissa Said:

Question about physical science?

We Answered:

The question is hinting that water molecules stay closer together at room temperature than some other small molecules do.

Water is a polar molecule because the oxygen atom is much more electronegative than the hydrogen atom in the O-H bonds. Electronegativity is a term for how well an atom draws electrons toward itself. The polar nature of the water molecule means that positive parts of one water molecule are attracted to negative parts of a neighboring water molecule. This bonding is known as hydrogen bonding and it explains why water remains in liquid form at room temperature.

Wilma Said:

Physical Science Worksheet Help?

We Answered:

equal to zero.

Clara Said:

Answers to Physical Science worksheets and labs?

We Answered:

oh yeah. "to make sure my homework is correct" o PARA CHEPIAR CAROLINA ROMEROO. jajajaajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

Roy Said:

8th grade Physical Science Homework help!?

We Answered:

In series, each bulb has the same current, whereas in parallel each bulb has the same voltage.







Edward Said:

why is physical exercise important worksheet in science?

We Answered:

this could be important if you are currently studying biology. if this is the case its important to know everything you can about the body. the way it works and what to do to help it work its best.

Salvador Said:

another 8th grade worksheet question-physical science?

We Answered:

Unbalanced ?

Centrififugal force keeps the spinning object going, the centripital force is the 'string' which keeps it going in circles.

The Earth is attracted to the Sun by gravity ( centripital ) Its motion is centrifugal... it would fly away from the sun if not for gravity, and it would fall into the Sun if it stopped moving.


Holly Said:

Physical Science worksheet: can't find answers anywhere! Can anyone please help?

We Answered:

number 1 SULFURIC acid.
number 2 is NITROGEN oxides.
number 3 i though was radiation but that has 9 letters. sure 8 is right?
number 4: NITRIC acid.
number 5: NATURAL (as in natural gas)

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