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Multiplication Worksheets 3rd Grade

Earl Said:

Is the school teaching improperly?

We Answered:

Each school district chooses a math program to follow. The whole district must go with that one, no matter how bad.

The districts choose from state approved programs that are available.

The ultimate deciders are the book companies. They print what they can sell and they pander to the biggest markets, which in the case of school books is Texas.

I, also, was raised with rote memorization. It worked well for me, so I don't understand why they can't offer that, too. But there's more money in new books, rather than memorization, so the book companies pay psychologists and math theorists to revamp the systems, sometime yearly, to sell the biggest, best, most comprehensive math learning systems over and over again.

You can always supplement with teaching at home. There are many fun game type programs for pc and DS, etc. that teach math as part of the game.

Rachel Said:

do some people know this or help me or i don't care?

We Answered:

Lol cheating on a test.

Go to Microsoft's Office website unless they have it proxied out.

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