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Middle School Worksheets

Mae Said:

i was thinking one day if middle school and high school could be all computer operated.?

We Answered:

They are already starting to do that, and I don't like it. Then again, i'm kinda old-fashioned. I think we are becoming way too dependent on machines. What if something happened where a main source crashed and the computers didn't work anymore (a la Y2K) then what? Everything is online, so we'd have nothing. People put their lives on their cell phones & sidekicks, then when they loose it, they loose everything. That's why I love good ol' pen and paper. Doing everything by computer also minimizes human contact. I'm not a robot damnit!

Bobbie Said:

How to balance equations(middle school)?

We Answered:

2 Mg + 1O2 ----------> 2MgO

2N2 + 3H2 -----------> 2NH3

This is basic math. You multiply the number in front of the element by the subscript to try to make it equal.

In the first equation you already have 2 oxygen on one side, so you put 2 infront of MgO. Because there is 2 Mg on the right side, you need to add 2 on the left side. Now, it is balanced.

In the second equation, because there is already 2 of N, you put 2 onto the right side to balance N. But 2 times 3 = 6. So there are 6 of carbon. So you try to get 6 of carbon on the left side by adding 3 there. 3x2 = 6. So the equation is now balanced.

Ernest Said:

Middle School is to hard?

We Answered:

Hey amigo, breathe and relax. You need to think clearly here and it's not going to happen if you're freaking out. First days are rarely an accurate example of how the rest of the year will go. First, I'd suggest that you get started on what's due tomorrow (or what's due very soon).

Now you need to tell your parents that it's better to swim in slightly easier classes than to sink in honors classes. If you're going to take an honors class, make sure that it's one that you're willing to study for. It's useless to get a "C" or a failing grade in an honors class when you can get an "A" in a regular one. If you can manage a "B", that might mean that you can handle the workload, but remain vigilant and don't get lazy.

Teachers need to teach, so if the "talk" that they won't let you do is social conversation, then I have to side with your teachers on this one. However if they don't allow you to ask questions or discuss a topic that's relevant to the subject, then that's unfair and unfortunately there's not much you can do about it. You'll have to deal with unfair high school teachers, professors, employers, etc. in the future anyway, so it's best to start learning to deal with such people now.

I attended very competitive middle and high schools myself, and I can tell you that I got three or four times more work done when I focused on the work and set my emotions aside. It doesn't matter how smart one is, when one is panicking there is no way for that person to function properly. So when you study or do homework, have more of a "I can get this done so I can get that good grade" mindset rather than a "Holy crap, I'm going to fail" mindset. If possible, try and either hire a tutor or attend an after school help program if your school offers one. Since you said you go to a magnet school, I would assume that the school has a tutoring service or some sort.

Good luck!

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