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Mental Maths Worksheets

Glenda Said:

What's your most pointless day at school yet?

We Answered:

Hmm, lets see,
First Block-Learn about planes and the wright brothers, which we all learned in like fifth grade, make paper airplanes and race them down the hallway
Second Block-Teacher sings to us a Christmas song in the middle of April, assignment was to find a song on our mp3s that might have a double meaning. My choice? A Britney spears song
Third Block-Had a substitute, who didn't show up for class, so we made pointless videos and had a talent show.
Computer-make-up your work day. AKA play on the computer day
Gym-watch the coach play dodge ball with the art teacher.
fourth block- science class, teacher wasn't feeling good so we colored her pictures until the end of the day

i think i could have stayed home that day and not missed a thing, yeah?

Myrtle Said:

Mental Math Strategies - Where Can I Learn The Fastest Mental Math Shortcuts?

We Answered:

'Fun with Figures' is my personal choice and recommendation. It includes an in-built mental math software as well -- apart from a book and worksheet pdf.

An example of mental math is when you want to find percentages or square roots of large numbers without using a calculator. Say you want to find the percentage of a number:

Finding 33 1/3 percent of a number

Step 1: Choose a number
Step 2: Divide the number by 3

If the number selected is 92
Divide by 3: 92/3 = 30 2/3 (or 30.67)
So 33 1/3% of 92 = 30 2/3

Jack Said:

Other ways to count vs. using manipulatives, such as fingers?

We Answered:

using counters is always better - straws, pegs, checkers pieces etc

Nicholas Said:

Worried about my son, he doodles inappropriate images?

We Answered:

Hello! Sorry to hear about all of this! Maybe you should move your stash, he could have found it. Also, i think he may have seen pornography somewhere. maybe a friend's house? you can always monitor what he does at home but not what he does at a friend's or maybe the library at school. Has the psychologist had any luck breaking through as to why he is drawing that all over? Has he come in contact with an adult male? Just suggestions nothing to worry you. But for SURE move the porn stash! put it in your room somewhere that he can't reach it! Kids can get under the stairs and will look in a popcorn box, the box is too innocent for a kid to not look in it.

Good luck! I hope you can figure everything out!

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