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Math Worksheets Money

Violet Said:

could someone.................?

We Answered:

No, I don't have it.

Martha Said:

i have this worksheet in math and it says you will hear about somebody riding around i cant figure it out?

We Answered:

im confused... how about you give us math problems to solve instead??? that would be easier than this mumbo jumbo of information youre giving us.

edit: wait are you talking about those pizzazz worksheets with the really corny jokes? most of the time if you look it up on wikianswers it comes up.

so yeaa... :D

Mike Said:

gr. 8 math stuff...............?

We Answered:

I'm just like you lol
But i always just go to google and type in math sheets for 8th grade and a bunch of stuff will pop up!

Jackie Said:

Good Math Money Management websites?

We Answered:

I'm not a teacher, but I came across this site:

It has over 250 types of financial calculators. I used the one that showed how overpaying one mortgage payment would factor out through the life of the loan. It was a great tool to see the power of compounding interest or the reverse of that--how much you can save by paying a little extra now translating to big savings later.

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