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Math Worksheets Grade 4

Gwendolyn Said:

I got a 60% on my Math quiz and I have a 95.77% as my overall grade. What will my grade be now?

We Answered:

i know how you feel...........i got an 81% and now i have to get that signed along with a Reading quiz 77% they were unfair because one of them the teacher told me the wrong thing and the other is that i did realeased instead of realeased out of the community!!

but for your question I would say about a 88-92

Misty Said:

Can you correct my HW?

We Answered:

1. Do extra credit work whenever it is offered, because if you were doing a test that had those questions then you must take advantage of them.

2. Make up homework after an absence because you will only have one chance to do it because you are responsible for your own homework.

3. Complete accelerated math worksheets because there will be binder checks, if not completed, you will get a bad grade.

4. Do homework daily to get a better grade and to get some practice on what you are learning.

5. Write the proper heading on all your papers so then you can get the full credits on that assignment.

Toni Said:

Can someone help me with this?

We Answered:

This website should help you for 1st grade math:…

This website should help you for 4th grade math:…

This website should help you for 1st and 4th grade english:…

Good luck with your teachings!

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