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Math Worksheets Fractions

Andrew Said:

i need to know the answers on this math worksheet?

We Answered:

this isnt really that hard you pretty sure you can do it...or your just being lazy...and some of it is just common sense

Guy Said:

High School math help?

We Answered:

Umm.... I did not learn this yet, but I was able to know enough to figure out that the last problem you did was wrong.


the numerator is multiplied by 3 and the denominator is multiplied by 2. So, the answer is 81/16. TRUST ME AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE REST =)!

Stephanie Said:

okay this is on my math worksheet plz some 1 help?

We Answered:

A fraction is (part of something)
3 2/3 is an example of (mixed) number
The decimal system may be called a (real number) system

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loalokh said:

how do u share 28 apples and only have 289 people?