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Math Worksheets For Kids

Clifton Said:

Ideas for colors AND shapes math or science activity?

We Answered:

Christy Said:

I bet this is easy but . . .?

We Answered:

Easy! But I've done calculus so... >__>

4x ^ (-2/5) = 9
4(x^ (-2/5))^(-5/2) = 9^(-5/2)
4x = 1 / (sqrt(9))^5

4x = 1 / (sqrt(9))^5
4x = 1 / (81sqrt(9))
x = 1 / [4(81sqrt(9))]

324 sqrt(9)

Hope you understand. Tried to show all work.

Louise Said:

math worksheets for gr.5?

We Answered:

I use it is worth the money that i paid for it. You have just about every objective there.
Also, study island is really good too, but is the best.

George Said:

What is the best way to help a bright, math-oriented 5-year-old improve her math skills?

We Answered:

What a great gift she has received! An interest in math is a great blessing. I am glad to hear you are wanting to foster her inquisitiveness. By the way, you are right not to have her do worksheets at this time. She will get plenty of that in school.

Here are some ideas:

Encourage sorting and counting: When she is eating her favorite cereal (dry of course), playing with beads or investigating a new toy, or a looking through a bag of fun looking pasta pieces, encourage her to sort out all the same shape, color... basically pick a characteristic and then have her count them. Have her tell you how that number relates to the whole. This is the begining of understanding fractions.

Discover music... Music is math in action. Have her play patterns on a toy piano. Also check out the book on music below.

Play with puzzles: It may seem like play, but time spent with puzzles helps her develop connections in her mind. One thing I used to do when I was young was mix peices from a few (say 40 piece or less) puzzles in one pile and then figure out what puzzle they went in and then where they went.

As she gets older try the math games offered by Conceptual Math Media:

One more thing, speaking from my own experience. Please don't overlook her reading, spelling, writing and speach skills. As a child I loved math, but didn't get spelling. I think I was allowed to get away with not studing the verbal skills because I excelled at math skills. Sometimes it is most important to foster creativity in areas they aren't as gifted in. As with everything, moderation is best.

Thomas Said:

Probably really easy but ...?

We Answered:

The first thing that you need to do is use lot of parentheses to make the equation unambiguous.

Is the left side: 1/(...) or (1/3)*(...)
Is the exponent of the x: -5 or -5/6

It makes a big difference.

Please rewrite you equation to eliminate ambiguities and then I, or someone else, can help. You can send me an email when you've done so.

Interesting. I would have guessed a different form was meant!
As you've written it:
(1/4x)^-5/6 = 8
I still need to guess whether it's
( ...)^(-5/6)
and is that x in the denominator or is it [(1/4)*x]^(...)?

I'll solve it for:
(1/4)*[x^(-5/6)] = 8
multiply by 4:
x^(-5/6) = 32
now raise both sides to the -6/5 power
x = 32^(-6/5)
now, 32 is 2 to the 5th power!
manipulate using the properties of exponents:
x = [32^(1/5)]^(-6)
x = 2^(-6) = [2^6]^(-1) = 1/(2^6) = 1/64

This problem is designed to get you to use the properties of exponents.

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