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Math Worksheets For Grade 6

Sidney Said:

Ive had 40 hours of homework in 6 days and im in grade 7, HELP!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

wow ur in a pickle try dividing the time enough time for this dat this dat etc. it worked 4 me just orginize your time and dont slack k?

Darryl Said:

8th grade math help!!!?!?!???????

We Answered:

We need to first set up the equations from reading the problem:

Let X - singlecrust pie and Y = doublecrust pie

1. 6.99X + 10.99Y = 331.64
2. X+Y = 36

You want to get rid of one variable and you can do that be subtracting one equation from another. But wait - 6.99X - X still give us 5.99X. Therefore you need to multiple equation 2 by a factor is 6.99 which give us...

2. 6.99X+6.99Y = 251.64

We want to do this so when we subtract equation 2 from 1 you'll get:
6.99X + 10.99Y = 331.64
- (6,99X+ 6.99Y = 251.64)
0X + 4Y = 80.

Solve for Y ...

Y = 20.

Plug Y back into equation 2. X+Y = 36

X+20 = 36

X = 16.

Answer: X = 16, Y =20

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