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Math Worksheets For 8th Graders

Micheal Said:

Do i have A.D.D (A.D.H.D)?

We Answered:

I'm not a docter , but i think every body has a little A.D.D in them.
I absoultly can't read a book If I'm not interested in it.
I'll read pages at a time thinking about girls or something, and forget I'm suppose to be reading, so I'll have to go back and reread every thing to understand it.

I don't know, you might want to go the doc
me too.

Caroline Said:

Is this a type of Dislexia?

We Answered:

Everyone is stronger in certain areas and you obviously have a high verbal ability. Dyslexia tends to have problems with verbal areas also. It is possible for a student to be in the gifted program with their high verbal ability but to have a learning disability in math. (I had a student in my class last year that scored in the top 5% on the reading test and failed the math test). If this has been a continous struggle, talk to your teacher, parents, or counselor about some additional testing for math related problems. They should be able to help you. Good Luck!! :)

Jon Said:

What should happen next in the story I'm writing?

We Answered:

So haley flunked a year and her brother is actually a twin? That's what it looks like if they're all the same age.

You need to keep her a year younger, which is what I assumed until the pedophile comments came up, and say he was off limits because sophomores just don't associate with freshmen.

It's always a good idea to listen to comments, but if you try to make everyone happy, you story will be lost as it becomes everyone's story.

This is part of why an outline is important. So you will know where the story is going.

Good luck with writing it.

So is his name Ty or Clay?

Melanie Said:

Where can you get Free math help?

We Answered:

Visit your local library or recreation centre, and check for announcements and clubs. There's always something in your neighbourhood. Also try looking for high schools with summer programs or weekly programs. They can cover all of the things you need to learn for high school. And If you still don't get an appropriate place for math help, then talk to your teacher or Principal. Ask if they know anything because you need to review for high school and need to know what they'll be covering for the curriculum. There's always something out there dude.s Hope I helped! :)

Jorge Said:

do i have A.D.D (A.D.H.D)?

We Answered:


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