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Math Worksheets For 3rd Graders

Greg Said:

Is this too much homework for a first grader?

We Answered:

first of all 12-14 sheets is at most 2 per day
so that what 20 questions per night
basic adding should not take too long even for a first grader

30-40 mins of homework is not a lot

ur makeing her work out to be more difficult then it is collecting leaves
that is not rocket science

and book reports

oh no not a underlined title! page nummber thats just to much work
and a whole sentance or too!!!!

shell only get more homework as school continues so deal with it

Viola Said:

3rd grade math homework, school is being lazy.....?

We Answered:

Homework holds a special spot, no where near my heart.

As a 3rd grader my daughter was encouraged to get "rolling backpacks" as the amount of homework exceeded the ability of the children to carry it on their back. The problem was, the rolling backpacks where too small, and so my child used carry on luggage as her school backpack for a year.

Of 6 classes, each regularily assigned 2 pieces of homework. My daughter is very bright and would finish it within an hour, others would not finish it ever.... (which is where the "as long as it looks like you tried" part comes into play)

I do believe the school is being lazy. They have stopped using homework to reinforce the day's lesson and started using our homes as a "night school" to learn what they cannot (or will not) teach during the day. It sounds like that is what is happening in your case as well.

Last week while studying for a test, my daughter told me that she had to memorize the specific examples. Knowing the concept was not a priority, knowing the specific example was. I took this as the teacher not knowing what she was teaching, and therefore could not determine if an example not found in the book was correct or not.

Jean Said:

Is there too much pressure on our kids in school?

We Answered:

After seeing children in Japan and other countries... I personally believe that we are not putting enough pressure on them!

We also seem to have to cater to the ones that cannot keep up by holding back for them. If a child cannot keep up, they should be the ones that pay the consequences, not the ones that can keep excelling! More emphasis should be paid on pushing kids that want it so they dont get bored with school.

As per your 1st Grader... the computer system had to send out a report for any child that didnt meet a certain criteria. Right now, its early in the school year and there isnt enough grades in it show a "true" grade. Blow that off. If in five or six weeks you get another one... take it a little more serious.

You other child is 12. She shouldnt even be thinking about college yet! Plus, she is going to move thru about 30 ideas of things she wants to do between 12 and 18!

Stella Said:

Software for a 3rd grader to improve reading?

We Answered:

Jump Start Reading, Reading Blaster, Math Blaster

Knowledge Adventures is the company.

I teach 4th grade and my students love those games.

Cory Said:

Mean teachers???? Help?

We Answered:

1. If he's swearing at you, you can report him, I think.
2. Live with it. School year's almost over.

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