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Math Worksheets For 2nd Graders

Loretta Said:

2nd Grade Math Help?

We Answered:

i teach second grade and i have found a WONDERFUL site! it is if you go to that website, toward the bottom is a link to click on that says math worksheet generator. you download a free program and you can print off worksheets over numbers & counting, comparison & place value, time & money, addition, and subtraction. And each time you click one of the topics, it gives you a DIFFERENT worksheet, so it is never the same problems twice.

i have found this to be a LIFE SAVER and a great big help especially for my kids who are struggling with math! GOOD LUCK -- i know how frustrating it can be!

Jeff Said:

Trouble getting my 3rd grader to do his homework?

We Answered:

Best bet would be to do the homework right away. That way he hasn't started the "relax mode". I would take away one of his favourite things... an item, activity, something. Be consistent with it and don't give it back until the work is done. Sooner or later he'll catch on that you're serious and will realize that there are consequences to pay. He'll do his work. This will also help him in the future, not only with school, but work and life in general. You have to work for what you want...

Carol Said:

Websites that you can print off school work type papers to do?

We Answered:

Or you can google 2nd grade math practice printables and find many items!

You can also google 2nd grade math practice online free and it will pull up sites where she/he can answer online problems and do it in a fun game way.

You can do the same for all the other things too.

Type in free reading comprehension 2nd grade…

Hope this helps some. Good Luck

You can also ask the teacher. I am thankful to have parents who want to help at home and am always willing to make copies of things for them to practice. :)

Nora Said:

Need help with a reluctant learner, going into 2nd grade...?

We Answered:

She needs direct instruction if she won't sit for games or songs. Give her a reason for wanting to do the work such as a reward after so many lessons or getting a good grade on the quiz. Give her a choice of rewards when you begin so she has some ownership of her learning. She's more likely to put more effort if it's something she wants instead of something you choose. Just don't make the reward too hard to achieve or too far off. Younger children, especially reluctant learners, need more immediate rewards because of their small attention spans.

For math try Math-U-See. It's a block and workbook curriculum. They have levels rather than grade specific texts because everyone learns math at slightly different speeds. They use the same block system from kindergarten through calculus so there's no changing manipulatives, which confuses some kids. Each lesson has 3 lesson practice pages and 3 review pages. Most workbooks have 30 lessons.

You watch a brief video which introduces each lesson then do the practice pages. I found I don't have to do math everyday for them to learn it. We do it 2-3 times/week. The first day is the new lesson and practice pages. The next day(s) is review. You don't have to do all the pages for each lesson, just as many as needed to ensure understanding.

There's a placement quiz to see what level to put her in. I'd recommend either Primer or Alpha. Those are the two beginning levels.

My son is a very active learner. He loves MUS because he can fiddle with the blocks to get the answers. My daughter is a visual learner. She likes it too. The man on the video is the one who designed this system. He is very entertaining but informative.

We don't have TV either. Where we live we only get 1 station anyway and cable isn't worth the cost. We play a lot of games. Rather than learning games, consider card games like 21 (Blackjack), matching games, solitaire, or war. Involve the family. If she sees what fun math can be, perhaps that will give her motivation to learn her numbers so she can play too.

Viola Said:

Please give me some ideas for an effective homework policy?

We Answered:

Personally, I correct all pieces of paper that the students do. This is a choice that I make so that students will know if they did it right. I have also used stickers on homework folders (the little round ones) when they return their homework. The kids compare the amount of stickers they have and so forth. I also do not give a grade, but if they are close, say a B- and an A, I will look to see if homework is turned in and then I bump it up. I also give a weekly conduct grade and homework and classroom work is part of conduct. I tell the parents if they had missing assignments that week. and it makes their grade go down.

Alan Said:

Need more advice on helping my 3rd grader with this math problem?

We Answered:

For a 3rd grader.. this seems VERY complex.

The only way i can see how to explain it is by the "distributive property"

Basically this property says that you multiply whats outside the parenthesis by everything inside the parenthesis.

So 3 x (4 + 2) is (3 x 4) + (3 x 2) or 12+6 so 18

since on the right side of the equation they already give you the 3, you just need to know that they distributed the 3 on the left side among the 4 and the 2, which is where A and C come from.

not sure if this helps at all. like i said this is complex for 3rd grade. i know kids in high school who wouldn't understand this.

hope it helps.

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