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Math Worksheets For 1st Grade

Lonnie Said:

1st grade teacher question.?

We Answered:

I am sorry to hear of your experience- not every teacher (even 'well-loved' ones) can be a perfect fit. It would seem to me that if your son is identified with Pervasive Developmental Disorder/ Non- Specified, that he would qualify for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or accommodations via a 504. Either of these documents would allow for your child's needs to be met within acceptable parameters. Please speak with a member of the school's Child Study Team regarding this. However, if the school is not a public one, there may not be these services available. Barring that, a Parent- Teacher conference is called for ASAP. It is always best to meet with a teacher directly first before involving the principal. Be persistent though in your advocacy for your son. Best Wishes!

Ralph Said:

I'm feeling sorta discouraged at the moment in my math class?

We Answered:

you have to get it so that the amount of x is on one side, and the side with the plain number is on the other side

-4.82 -4.82
-6.55x -6.55x
divide each side by -4.16 and you get x=-1.09

-7x -7x
divide each side by -10 and you get x=4

+4 +4
-5x -5x
divide each side by 3 and you get x=7.67

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