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Math Worksheets 4th Grade

Ruben Said:

8th grade math help?

We Answered:

For the rest of the explanation, I'm just gonna use the ^ symbol to stand for "to the power of."

Basically, x^a is x multiplied by itself a times.
So, 2^1 = 2, 2^2 = 2x2 = 4, 2^3 = 2x2x2 = 8, etc.

When you have a negative exponent x^-a, thats the same as saying 1 divided by x^+a. (+a means positive a).
So 2^-1 = 1/(2^1) = 1/2 = .5. 2^-2 = 1/(2^2) = 1/4 = .25.

When you have parentheses, that means that the exponent applies to EACH term inside the parentheses. For example,
(2/3)^-1 = 2^-1, divided by 3^-1.
2^-1 = 1/(2^1) = 1/2 and
3^-1 = 1/(3^1) = 1/3.
So, (2/3)^-1 = one-half divided by one-third, which equals 3/2.
For a shortcut, though, any time you see -1 (and only negative ONE) as the exponent, just flip the fraction around. (Whole number n is the same as n over 1.)

As another example, take (2x)^-3.
(2x)^-3 = 2^-3 times x^-3.
2^-3 = 1/(2^3) = 1/8.
x^-3 = 1/(x^3) = 1/(x cubed).
So, (2x)^-3 = 1/(8x^3), or "one over 8-x-cubed."

When you don't have parentheses, the exponent ONLY applies to the term directly in front of it. So 5cd^-9 would read, "5 times c times d-to-the-negative-9th."

I hope this helps with the rest of the problems. Email me at [email protected] if it doesn't, I can create a word document with easier-to-understand formatted text and send it to you. Good luck :)

Jared Said:

Math Question 6th grade? (Simplifiy the Expressions)? 10 points!?

We Answered:

Don't cheat on your homework it wont help you. what will you do when a test or a quiz comes up? trust me you will use this stuff a lot in high school you need to learn it dont cheat.

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