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Math Worksheets 3rd Grade

Alan Said:

Help me with my math please? (Sixth Grade)?

We Answered:

well, see the one above, with the triangles? its just like that. i know its difficult to understand something new when you havent been there but hopefully i can help a little.
okay.. with the rectangles, 2in is the same as 6in. and 8in is the same as x.
so you set it up like 2=6
and --------------------> 8=x
then you cross multiply.
2 times x = 2x
6 times 8 = 48
so now we have 2x=48
divide each side by 2 to get x by itself.
now we have, x = 24
the length of x is 24

i hope i helped!

Claude Said:

**SIMPLE 8TH GRADE MATH!** How can i use the Distributive Property to solve these equations?

We Answered:

the distributive property is when you 'distribute' the number into the parentheses by multiplying the number on the outside with each of the numbers on the inside, and then do the operation in the parentheses.

1.) you multiply (or distribute) the 3 and 5j and the same with the 2.
you will get 15j + 6 =2(3k-6)
Now you multiply the 2 and 3k and the 2 and 6 and get

2) you multiply 2 times x and 2 times 4 and get
-5x-10= -2x -8

the reason that they are both negative is because there is a negative sign in front of the parentheses which just makes them negative.

hope this helps!

Velma Said:

Do you think this is to much homework for 3rd grade?

We Answered:

OMG!!! That is way too much, I'm in year 11 going to year 12 and i never got this homework, NEVER!!!

When i was in Grade 3 we never got this much too. You should complain about this.

Ricardo Said:

Math Help! Algebra II. Can someone help for 10 Points?

We Answered:

From X^3 + 27 = (x+3)(x^2 - 3x + 9), use a^3 + b^3 = (a+b)(a^2 - ab + b^2)

Alfred Said:

I need help with 6th grade math(i am not asking for answers, just help pleaze)?

We Answered:

There are two ways to do it. I'll show you one. Know that 1 mile is 1760 yards.

3 miles 500 yards
- 1 mile 800 yards

Like regular subtraction, start from the right and subtract 800 from 500 yards. But you can't do that. So you have to "borrow" 1 mile which is 1760 yards. Add 1760 to 500

2 miles 2260 yards
- 1 mile 800 yards

Now you can subtract and get

1 mile 1460 yards

Lisa Said:

Please help me on these 5 sixth grade math problems... Thanks.?

We Answered:


15.) 72% of the guests at a party were served Chinese food. The remaining guests were served Malay food and vegetarian food in the ratio 5:2. There were 84 more guests who were served Malay food then vegetarian food.

28% had Malay or vegetarian in the ratio of 5x:2x

5x - 2x = 34
3x = 84
x = 28

(a) How many people were served Malay food?

5x = 5(28) = 140 <==ANSWER

(b) How many people were served Chinese food?

7x = 7(28) = 196 people = 28% of party

196 . . . x
------ = ------
28. . . 100

28x = 19600

x = 700 total people at party

72% of 700 = 504 people ate Chinese <==ANSWER

20.) There were some English, Mathematics and Science worksheets in a box. 20% of them were Mathematics worksheets. The ratio of the number of English worksheets to the number of Science worksheets was 3:7. There were 32 more Science worksheets than English worksheets. How many worksheets were there in the box?

20% were math so 80% were English or science.
The ratio of the number of English worksheets to the number of Science worksheets was 3x:7x.

7x - 3x = 4x = 32

x = 8

7x + 3x = 7(8) + 3(8) = 56 + 24 = 80 <=80% of total worksheets
If 80% = 80, then 100% = 100.

There were 100 worksheets total. <==ANSWER

21.) What is Suriati's savings in May if her average savings per month from January to May is $190?

190/5 = $38 per month <==ANSWER

22.) At a food court, Ali and his friends bought 5 drinks and 8 plates of nasi lemak for $25.10. Fred and his friends bought 2 drinks and 4 plates of nasi lemak for $11.80 from the same stalls. How much did each plate of nasi lemak cost?

5D + 8N = 25.10
2D + 4N = 11.80

. .5D + 8N = 25.10
-2(2D + 4N = 11.80)

5D + 8N = 25.10
-4D - 8N = -23.60
D = $1.50
N = $2.20

A plate of nasi lemak cost $2.20. <==ANSWER

I hope that helps!! :-)

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