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Math Game Worksheets

Fred Said:

I'm having a JavaScript problem?

We Answered:

It doesn't like the Date[space](). At least that's what it's pointing to. But, also be aware that JavaScript wants well-formed html and <script> if there is anything else missing, Javascript will silently fail. IIWY, I would try just after that line of code adding...
alert( StartTime);
and see if that command is working.

Lastly, you can validate html/css with online validation services. The thing is: html can be sloppy and still display in one browser and fail in the next browser. That's what you are faced with.

Jeff Said:

Does anyone have the answer for a games contest math worksheet called, "Crossing Europe"?

We Answered:


Harold Said:

Educational Worksheets based on video games?

We Answered:

hmm ask the teen about the games then together you can make up worksheets
based on what he/she tells you

Frances Said:

Math Problem, Do Not Understand!?

We Answered:

1 is a great answer

the mechanix are thus - distance per time frame is a division question

so that if you go 120 miles in 2 hours
120/2 = 60 miles per hour

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