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Math Division Worksheets

Kim Said:

Finding the roots of a complicated equation/: and synthetic division? I hate math.?

We Answered:

These are annoying because there's no formula to use. Instead I get assistance from my graphing calculator or a graphing program when I'm at the computer. When I graph this, I can see roots at x = 2 and x = -2. So you know two of the terms are (x-2) and (x+2).

If you are taking an algebra class, they would expect you to get the roots from a graph and then use synthetic division to get this far:

You can make the substitution y=x^2 and then use the quadratic formula to factor that last term, but I wouldn't expect an algebra student to figure that out. Doing that I get:

You can check you work at

Wilma Said:

Math help...division?

We Answered:

This is supposed to be long division:
9{3,259} this supposed to be

9 doesn't go into 3 since 9 is too big.
However, 9 goes into 32 3 times. (9x3 = 27)
Subtract 32-27 to get 5. Bring down the next digit in 3259, which is 5.
This gives you 55.
9 goes into 55 6 times. 9x6 = 54.
Subtract 55-54 to get 1. Bring down the next digit: 9.
This gives you 19.
9 goes into 19 2 times. 9x2=18.
Subtract 19-18 to get 1. Since there are no more digits to bring down, stop dividing. This 1 is your remainder.

The numbers that you used in dividing (3, 6 and 2) gives you how many times 9 goes into 3259. So it goes in 362 times. However, there was 1 left over. So it is 362 Remainder 1. Instead of saying "Remainder 1", you now need to use the fraction 1/9. So the answer is 362 1/9.

By the way, you can easily check: 362 x 9 = 3258. You had a remainder of 1. Add that back in and you are back at 3259.

I hope this helps!

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