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Lesson Plan Worksheet

Milton Said:

can you edit my lesson plan?

We Answered:

Well, I have no idea what the plan is for, so I don't know what you were working with. However, in general, it needs a lot of work. Starting with the boot is a good idea. However, it's not clear what they are going to do after they draw that boot and how it is going to help them learn something (sorry, I don't know what boot verbs are, and I took Spanish, so maybe you should explain that briefly someplace if this is something you are doing for a teaching class).

Mainly, the structure of the lesson needs work. To begin with, it looks like you are trying to use technology, but for what purpose? Is the powerpoint something that is going to add to the lesson, or is it there just because it is technology and you want to use technology? How is answering questions on a powerpoint better than you asking them yourself? How is staring a powerpoint for the whole class in any way engaging? Rethink using the powerpoint so much. Maybe instead you could use it only for your examples, like what you might otherwise write on a whiteboard or put on a handout.

Next, ask if the structure of the lesson really suits the objective. You want to begin with this boot idea (not sure what that is, but it sounds good because it seems to incorporate what they already know), but then you need to provide the grammar explanation and examples they need to learn. After that you will want to give them a chance to practice using the verbs. This is a good time to do a partner or group exercise. One good one is for them to practice using the verbs in a simple dialog, then to write their own short dialog using the verbs. Then each pair can read their dialog aloud for the class. This gives them practice and allows you to asses the learning as well.

So basically, you need to structure your lesson by beginning with an explanation, then having students practice the skill, then assessing their learning.

Also, you need to have some different activities to get people moving around a bit and interacting with each other. Sitting and staring at a powerpoint will put everyone to sleep. Try to change activities every ten to fifteen minutes.

Hope that helps.

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