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Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Jacqueline Said:

Did you have reading homework in kindergarten?

We Answered:

The idea is to use all the clues given - with that sort of book you should encourage your son to use the picture to figure out the long word. He's not supposed to be learning "ambulance" and "bulldozer" from a book like that, he's learning "my", "is" and "little", and the other words are just there to make the book more interesting.

Jenny Said:

What kind of activities are good for 4year old preschoolers?

We Answered:

I totally know how you feel! My son is in preschool and I feel that they pressure the homework thing on parents too much! I do like doing homework with my child, but when my son doesn't want to do something at school, they send his work home to me to do with him. They say they can't make a child do what they don't want to do. Which I feel I feel like is a bunch of bull to an extent...... they baby the kids too much and don't work with them as much as they should. They want them to play all day, which I feel they should play, but they should be getting the child ready for kindergarten. They don't play all day in kindergarten.

They have to know how to use scissors, glue things, write their name (they will work with them a little on name in kindergarten, but not much). Work on counting things when you go the park, or when you are outside. Have him/ her count signs as you are driving down the road and have him/ her tell you the colors of them, then you can explain what the sign means. Coloring is always a fun thing to do together! Make a collage using magazines and construction paper (this will help on using scissors and glue). Write words on paper and have your child copy that and that will help them with his/ her writing letters and using a pencil, make sure he/ she always writes his/ her name on the paper, This helped my kids a lot with the name thing. Flash cards are good to do too. Watching PBS kids helped my kids a lot learning their letters. My kids didn't like doing a lot of this most of the time, but it payed off. Try googling activities to do with preschoolers. This might help. I hope I answered your question ok. Hopefully things get better for you!

Seth Said:

Homework in Kindergarten is getting out of control...............?

We Answered:

It does sound like a lot of homework! Pray, pray and pray some more. You might want to look into PUBLIC school at home; where you decide if there is any homework. Go to Sometimes it depends on the teacher and since you already spoke to his teacher try talking to other parents, both from your son's classroom and other classrooms and depending on your findings bring it to the principal. My son was an honor student until 5th grade when he refused to to any homework for 3 years in a row. His test scores were in the 90's but failed the three years for lack of homework. I moved to Kingsland Georgia where he was not given any homework; soon he was back on the honor roll! Now age 18 and in 11th & 12th grade, he will be attending both high school and college; graduating with a high school diploma and two years of college! Every child is different, don't give up. Show your son how homework time can be "mommy and son" time, just be careful not to let him become dependent on you.

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