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Kids Maths Worksheet

Freddie Said:

kids study activities and worksheets for english word building and maths counting numbers etc?

We Answered:

These are some of the best and interesting informative web sites for Kid Activities.

Herman Said:

Where can I find Printable maths sheets for year 6?

We Answered:

Good luck. They like charging high $$ for these items.

Ray Said:

Any site for kids to learn alphabets and numbers?

We Answered:

Jamie Said:

Does your kid do worksheets etc. at home (work other than homework)?

We Answered:

I print out worksheets or make my own. I only give extra work in math, she needs the extra help. I usually only do this a week before a test so I can see if she fully understands the problems.
I like:
On line lessons and worksheets to print.

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