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Homeschool Math Worksheets

Lynn Said:

Helping a reluctant learner....advise needed?

We Answered:

Custody arrangements, split family often result in situations like this, from my experience in the classroom. Sounds like what you really have is an angry (and perhaps depressed) child, displaying her anger in one of the few ways she thinks she can get away with it.

Personally, I'd suggest seriously homeschooling her. Not for a few weeks, but for at least a school year. During that time, I'd get her some serious counseling. I'd avoid doing what seems like schoolwork. By that I mean, don't use worksheets and other things that she associates with school. Watch educational videos, go to museums, do hands-on stuff--things that will exercise her mind without seeming like "school" to her. Try to work on a positive relationship with her, help her to feel safe and secure, let her talk about how the turmoil in her life has made her feel, help her work through it. At the end of the year, even if she has to repeat this school year, you'll have likely helped her deal with some of the emotional baggage she seems to have and be able to deal with school in the future more successfully.

Good luck.

Herbert Said:

Please Help: My Son Hates Being Homeschooled?

We Answered:

I would say that reasoning with your son on this issue probably won't matter to him. He's only 7 - at 7, people pretty much only care about what they want, and don't care about adult issues.

What you are actually having is a discipline problem.

Now, he NEEDS to be able to express his frustrations to you about schooling - you are his teacher after all. But you have to help him learn how to do it politely, and you have to help him express himself correctly. For instance. He's bored or frustrated with furries (what is that, anyway?), and remembers how "great" everything was when he went to public school (kind of like how we forget the horrors of childbirth and remember the holding the new baby part), and that memory looks a lot better than his present situation, so he spouts off with his first reaction.

And really, of course he does. He's 7. Not an age well known for wisdom and self-control.

So anyway, I'm saying it won't do any good to talk him out of his attitude, because for him it has nothing to do with his school experience last year - that's YOUR beef. Your son is feeling aggravated about something and that's the weapon he used.

Help him figure out what is frustrating him, and make sure he knows this isn't an acceptable way to behave, and stop mixing up your issues with his.

By the way, I read your profile and Christian to Christian, I think you need to revisit your attitude about atheists. As a Christian, it is your duty to share Christ's love and serve all people. As a person who is aware of hell, you should have a profound sense of compassion for people who are going there. Instead, your profile statement is openly hostile, and points fingers. As a person with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you are supposed to have the strength to turn the other cheek, and not return evil for evil. Forgiveness and generosity of spirit are supposed to be your clothing. I don't think you're doing anything to make God look attractive there, in fact, if I wasn't a Christian, I'd be turned off, and wonder what was wrong with you, and with Jesus?

You need to make sure you are not being a stumbling block on the path to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Melvin Said:

Homeschooling parents please help me..?

We Answered:

First thing: RELAX!

Home schooling is about your kids’ learning, and that’s something they do all by themselves. Your job is simply to make sure that the things they have available are what you want them to know when you want them to know it. One of the strong points about homeschooling is that you move at your own pace. You can stay with a subject until it sticks, and you can move on through the stuff that they grasp easily.

Math-U-See is a great method. We use it with two boys, 7 & 9, and it works great. And watching the video isn’t a bad idea. At higher levels they even recommend that your student watches it with you.

But don’t feel saddled to the system. If you need to, drop back to counting beans for a while, until they catch on. The manipulatives are really better for multiplication, because they can SEE that four 6’s makes twenty four.

I don’t about Alphonics, but if the name is any indication, you’re going in the right direction. We used “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” for both boys and they caught on quickly. It’s available on Amazon.

It sounds like you’re moving in the right direction, just be encouraged that kids are going to learn whatever is available. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. There’s more stuff out there than anyone will ever use. Pick something and run with it. If it doesn’t work, you can change it later; your kids are still learning.

Also, don’t be afraid of those “religious groups”. Their purpose is the same as yours. Obviously you don’t want to be proselytized, and that’s happening, find another group. Many Christians are strongly motivated to home school, so the percentage is high, but you should be able to find some folks you can connect with. (I don’t really click with everybody in our group either, but I get the support I need!)

One interesting result of teaching everybody in the same room: You’ll find that as you work with your older kids, younger siblings will start calling out the answers. They’re learning at an accelerated rate, just by being around while you teach the older ones.

Good Luck. If you stick with it, you’ll surprise yourself at how well it works.

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