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High School Worksheets

Timothy Said:

do you know any websites that gives out free aptitude exams worksheets for grade school and high school?

We Answered:…

Viola Said:

Need suggestions for worksheets for a high school writing class ?

We Answered:

You could start with the details from this question and let them find mistakes and correct them. For someone with an English degree, you made a surprisingly large amount of mistakes. I don't mean this to be offensive (although I realize it will come across that way), but if this is standard for you, you need to up your game before you can start teaching writing.

I also think you should avoid worksheets in a writing class unless the worksheets are handouts about grammar or contain vocabulary words to help enhance writing. Instead, you should focus your efforts on creative writing prompts and go from there. Give students the opportunity to write and revise, and then let them exchange their writing with their classmates. Their classmates can then make suggestions and find mistakes. You could even give students a form to fill out when critiquing work that makes them think about WHY something is written well or poorly. This will be far more constructive and beneficial for students. Because everyone starts on a different level in writing, it's hard to give cookie-cutter worksheets that will actually help everyone. It's better to focus on individual needs. It's more time-consuming, but it really is the best way to help students. Best wishes!

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