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High School Grammar Worksheets

Regina Said:

Dissatisfied with English Class?

We Answered:

If there is no discussion within the class, maybe you could ask the teacher if 20 minutes of one or two classes a week could be regulated to break-out discussion groups -- where 3-5 students get together to discuss a certain book (so there may be several small groups). -- You might suggest that you all turn in discussion questions prior to the discussion or keep a journal of the experience (if the teacher seems skeptical and needs "proof" that you are discussing -- though I personally feel that if the teacher floats a bit from group to group then he/she can get a good feel to the quality of discussion.)

If the teacher refuses to do this in class, ask if she will sponsor an after-school discussion group because you feel you won't be prepared for college courses if you and your peers don't spend some time thinking and *talking* about the book from different perspectives. You might not have time for an after-school group, but this is to show her that you really want to do this --and if you keep your requests non-threatening, maybe she will get the clue that you want to really experience the literature, not reguritate it.

And you are right, those are all great books to be reading right now....

Hope this helped a little.

Thelma Said:

What does it take to get into Harvard University?

We Answered:

Attendance won't matter, so don't worry about that, as long as you are never suspended and you make the right grades. The right grades would be a 3.8+ unweighted with a rigorous course load- taking IB classes and graduating with an IB diploma would be an excellent course load. You also need a 2280+ SAT score.

However, you also need to have extra curricular activities. Chess, piano, and running are good. Solving a rubik's cube is not, unless you compete in tournaments. You do not need to switch schools, but you do need to make yourself stand out. You can do this by becoming President or Vice President of your school, joining varsity track, and founding some clubs.

I would start reading more. Although you can't use reading as an activity, your question had grammar errors, and if you take IB classes your grammar needs to be excellent- you'll be writing a lot of essays. Reading is one way of becoming used to idioms and appropriate writing syntax.

Good luck, and hope I helped!

Raymond Said:

How can I do so many things it such little time?!?

We Answered:

Time Management skills and don't procrastinate, alots of energy drinks and late nights.

Ross Said:

Too much English homework?

We Answered:

If you're in College then it's a fair amount. It also depends when exactly all this stuff's due. Otherwise yikes. You better get crackin! Your teachers probably think you're smart and can manage plus learn resposibility and all that.

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