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Grade Three Math Worksheets

Duane Said:

Help with 8th grade math project? Linear equations?

We Answered:

let x = number of cows
let y = number of ducks

x+y=15 (each animal only has one head)
4x+2y=44 (each cow has 4 legs, each duck has 2)

now you have a system of equations that you can solve by elimination or substitution




Heidi Said:

i have extreme issues understanding math?

We Answered:

A linear function is a graph that has a straight line from the points. equation is y=mx+b m= slope b= y intercept (where the line goes through the y axis.

Distance is the space between to points on a graph. formula is found on here you cant type it.…

Slope shows the incline of the line on the graph to find that out use formula (m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1)) M=slope. you need to points to do that.
ex. point a: (1,2) point b: (4,5) find the slope you would go m=(5-2)/(4-1) =3/3 =1 slope is 1,1 up 1 to the right 1.

midpoint is when you need to find the middle of 2 points. the formula is
(x1+x2)/2,(y1+y2)/2... see the coma separating it when u get the answers it will give you a cooranite. (x,y)...... website to help…

Quadratic functions here is a website....…

hope i helpeddd :))

good luck =]

Victoria Said:

Math Homework? PLEASE HELP?

We Answered:

its not complex math, give it a try and you will not only earn your money but get some practice in your math skills

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