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Grade 5 Math Worksheets

Audrey Said:

How do I calculate my grade?

We Answered:

.6*92.5 + .2*95 + .2*x = Average

Now, A and C = depends on your college. Let's assume A = 90-100, and take the lowest value (90), and C = 70-80 and take the lowest value again (70).

.6*92.5 + .2*95 + .2*x = 90
x = 77.5

.6*92.5 + .2*95 + .2*x = 70
x = -22.5

For you to keep an A, you must get a 77.5%+ on the final.

For you to get a C, you need to get a -22.5% or lower on the final (i.e. you get a 0 and fail, you'll still get a C).

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