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Grade 3 Worksheets

Elaine Said:

3 more weeks and report cards out, my current grade in Geometry is a 58?

We Answered:

58% is a D+. If you were to get 100% on the rest of the assignments, you are looking at something in the C range.

Teresa Said:

what is the best way to record the academic achievement of grade 3 students for classroom teacher?

We Answered:

Study the standards of the subject area you want to assess the students on. It should list the criteria of what the student needs to know. It may also include its own rubric.

If you're teaching from textbooks, use the assessments that goes along with the set. If not, just create an activity where the students need to perform a certain criteria that you can grade them on. For example if you need to assess the students on measurement, have them measure some objects and you can grade them on how accurate they are, if they used the right units, so forth.

Assessments don't have to be paper and pencil as long as it is something you can truly assessment students on. It could be an observation, but it might be hard to prove this to a parent inquiring about a grade.

The general rule is you need at least 3 student samples to justify a grade. You're looking for a preponderance of evidence.

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